Remember Who and Whose You Are…

Lions 2017
Lions Psalm 28:7-9 TPT 2017

I felt a strong leading to complete this painting before the new year began.  I really wasn’t sure what the purpose was until just recently.  For me, this painting has a dual meaning.  The preliminary theme was from Psalm 28:7-9 TPT, the Lord as our protector, strength and shield.  As I painted the leaves and Holy Spirit wind a secondary meaning came alive.  The winds are constantly and gently blowing leaves towards the young lion.  Upon these leaves were qualities and traits, reminders of who he is  and whose he is.  They are soft whispers drawing him into walking in that fully.  I believe it was a glimpse of what was coming as we transitioned into 2018.

It seems the Lord is really moving many speedily forward in the area of identity.  I know I have been confronted with many old mindsets, negative view points/thoughts of myself and several other areas that affect the way I see myself.  On one hand it’s great because I know these are areas God wants to give me freedom in and release from.  On the other it is a bit uncomfortable because some of these things I thought I was good with and Holy Spirit is like, “Hey, you’re doing so great and have come so far!  But you’re still in agreement with this thing over here.  Let’s deal with that because that is SO not who I say you are.  We are going places and that thing can’t come along!”  So then we get the choice, right?  Move through the uncomfortable moments & welcome the refinement or do we flee from the fire and remain letting those spots fester?

We make it seem so complex don’t we?   We add labels and titles to ourselves and build our identity on that.  I see it like an outline of a person with all these names and words piled one upon the other.  The struggle comes when those positions strip away.  Then we really wonder, who is this person?  It’s so vital to know who you are outside of all the titles you have and things you do.  The core of you is that you are a beloved son or daughter of God.  It’s so simple and sweet, the safest thing you could be.  The only thing that could really never change no matter what.

So if you find yourself with me in this accelerated rip the band-aid off kind of identity journey be encouraged the Lord has good reason!  You are going places with Him and promises are waiting, those old things don’t get to go along!  Lean into the Lord your strength & protector and remember who He says you are.

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