Divine Appointments


The photo above is the result of several divine appointments put into motion through the dreams of multiple people.  And when I say dreams, I don’t mean goals and ideas I’m talking about night time messages given by God.  Through this most recent course of events and encounters I think I’ve become even more aware of just how much God speaks through dreams and also connects our dreams to those of others.  It creates a web of intersections and confirmations that can really demonstrate just how much He thinks of us.  If you don’t journal your dreams I strongly urge you to begin doing so, even if you don’t understand them at the time.

The woman to my left in the photo is my new friend Jennifer Voight.  She is amazing and I feel so blessed to have met her.  Please check out her Facebook page for Strokes of Grace her organization that provides painting parties to fund missions and charitable organizations.  I’m going to brag on Jen a moment 🙂  Along with being a gifted artist she also is on staff at Grace Haven, helps with a ministry focused on needs of those experiencing homelessness, has a passion for expressive signing and connecting artists who have a heart for using their talents for the Kingdom.

To tell our story completely would be quite a long post, I’m saving this one in detail for a book.  Yay!  But, here is a little glimpse of how God brought us together.  I was asked to paint a monarch butterfly life-cycle painting for the ladies at Grace Haven.  I was excited to whip it out since it was a replica of sorts of a painting I had already done.  So as I’m all prepared to begin I see a vision of a blue butterfly instead of the monarch.  As I ask Holy Spirit why He’s showing me this I also declare that I would really rather do the monarch since the 1st one turned out so well.  So, how many of you know that doesn’t matter much with the Lord haha!  After some stern discussion I decide to be an obedient daughter and paint the blue butterfly!  It turned out well but was a challenge as each part of the life-cycle was entirely different from a monarch.  I got to go along and present the ladies with the painting and shared the previous story of the creating process.  I say, “I still have no idea why it had to be a blue butterfly.”  Then one of the ladies immediately says she knows why and leaves the room.  When she returns she hands me the business card for Grace Haven.

Grace HavenNeedless to say I was floored and humbled at the same time.  I was also SO thankful I chose obedience.  Here I was an unknown person that God just used to show these women He is thinking of them.  If I would have painted the monarch it wouldn’t have had the same depth of message.  The ladies begin to tell me of Jen who paints with them and that we should meet.  I give them a business card and say to have her get in touch.  About a month passes, my best friend Joelletta and her daughter ask me to lead a painting fund raising event for their upcoming mission trip to Uganda.  Wouldn’t you know I get a message from Jen who leads these very parties that same week?  Timing!  Do you ever meet people and it just clicks?  That was us.  So many dreams, dates and life events that lined up.  Even my 222 water mark/website name were confirmations for us both.  God led us to a collaboration for this Uganda painting event.  Together we could provide an opportunity for people to follow a step by step design Jen painted while also giving the option of a prophetic painting where I could share about that route.

The results were incredible.  There were several times throughout the Passion Painting event where I was nearly in tears from being overwhelmed by God’s goodness.  Attendance exceeded our expectations.  People were putting their hearts on those canvases and every one turned out a unique expression, just as we are for the Father.  The extravagant blessing in finance was the cherry on top.  To think it all came from a web of people yielded to Holy Spirit, knowing & following His voice and making connections with others.  To be completely honest, I think the catalyst spark was Joelletta connecting with 1 person the Lord told her to and the rest rippled from there.  How appropriate this part of the journey begins with her stepping out and ends with her stepping out to Uganda.  Not the end, but the end of a beginning.  🙂  If you would like to donate toward her Uganda mission trip please follow this link Joelletta Uganda Go Fund Me.



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