My heart is to inspire and assist others in tapping into the well of creativity already within them!  I’ve been artistic in nature from childhood but it took quite some time for me to find my love.  Over the past few years I have had the joy to explore and take part in several creative events and have experienced the freedom released in expression.

To sum up a journey of this sort in a single page would be quite a feat.  Perhaps that is better suited for something later.  Let me just say that I have let God take me on an adventure I will never forget and it still surprises me.  I can’t say I even know what spurred me to begin painting, I just felt a leading to go buy certain things, put music on and allow what poured out to be.  In just a couple of years it has developed and morphed into something completely different than I ever imagined, simply by me saying “yes” and stepping forward (even when I felt fear & risk).  I have seen young people let down their guard and set aside their insecurities, memory care patients receive peace, hearts healed and confidence stirred through sessions.

I encourage you to jump into whatever you feel pulling at your heart and see where the Lord takes you!  It will be incredible!

-Courtney Price

What Lies Through the Corridor 2017