I love creating in all different environments with God; most often I paint in my library and outdoors.  I also frequently paint during worship services, conferences, at youth camps, assisted living homes and fund raisers throughout Ohio.  If you have another venue in mind, I am open to other places/events.  If you would like to inquire about having prophetic painting at your event please email me for details and availability.  Below are a few dates and locations I will be in 2018.

Photos below from a 2017 creative coaching day.  Click on photo to read further.


Upcoming Schedule


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April 13-15  He’s Better Than You Think Conference Cambridge, Ohio

May 14-21  Fresh Fire Mission Trip Mexico (you can donate to my mission in person, through paypal or my gofundme page.)

June 25 & 28th Scioto Youth Camp Creative Workshop Session & Worship Painting- Junction City, Ohio

July 9-12 Diving In Kids Worship Conference, Zion Pickerington (click link for more information or to register)

July 28th Living Free Concert -with Harvest Christian Fellowship- Cambridge, Ohio

August 12th Scioto Youth Camp Fundraiser- Worship Painting

August 16th-21st Arrow Creek International Ministry’s Jubilee Campaign of Hope 2018 at 100th Crow Fair- Crow Agency, MT

December 8-9th Beautifully Included with Tim Wright – Harvest Christian Fellowship – Cambridge, Ohio